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Poetry: Resolution

Poetry: Resolution

You, sterile survivor, once hid my beauty in your power— but now I see you pretend to be whole. And you, stone statue, with an …

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“When I need to tap into my feminine side I run to my favorite website Feminine Collective.com and now, their book Raw & Unfiltered. It’s really smart.” — John Stamos, American actor and musician

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“FC allows women to speak their minds, to say what they’re thinking, to “write as they speak.” There’s something very liberating in that. It’s a movement not just a collection of writings.”

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“Feminine Collective is a prime example of worthwhile content that leads to greater perspectives on people.”

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“Sharp, clear honesty, something that women are often encouraged not to express.”

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“Feminine Collective is about connecting and freedom. I love it.”

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“Probably the most honest, fresh & tantalizing content I’ve read in a long while.”

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